Our founder, J. Paul Revenaugh established himself as one of the pioneers in providing management services for healthcare professionals in the United States. Mr. Revenaugh recognized that dental and medical schools do not prepare their students with the skills necessary to care for the business side of a professional practice. In 1932, he filled that void. Professional Business Management, Inc., which Mr. Revenaugh founded, has carried on in this very special mission ever since.

In the late 1950’s, Revenaugh rallied a group of like-minded consultants from around the country to establish the Society of Professional Business Consultants, Mr. Revenaugh serving as its first president. The Society, now known as the National Association of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants, continues not only to establish principles of ethics and guidance for its members, but also to provide them with organizational self-regulation. 

PBM consultants work with physicians and dentists, helping them to accomplish three major goals:

  • To attain the greatest net income 
  • To obtain the greatest ease of practice
  • To retain as much as possible of earnings for self and estate after taxes

Each consultant always has these three goals in mind when advising PBM’s clients. We pride ourselves in giving meticulous attention to details as is demanded for quality in financial reports and federal and local income tax returns. Further, PBM trains its consultants to analyze a practice’s problems and to recommend objective solutions observed to be working in other practitioner offices.

In the current world of healthcare reform, healthcare professionals need more than an accountant; they need trust-worthy individuals who can confidently lead them in all areas on the business side of their practice. PBM has the proven experience and expertise to guide practitioners through new problem areas such as payer negotiations, expansion of practice, and participation in the newest network proposal.

PBM, its staff and consultants are made to order. And remember, we are not the new kids on the block, we were the first!


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