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Since it was first founded PBM has assisted practitioners in running their offices better and more efficiently. In the past, we helped practices track patient activity with ledger cards and introduced them to filing systems and the use of super bills. Now in the electronic era we continue to help practices adapt. We can assist you with the critical pieces that you need to run your practice and help you meet the ever-changing demands of working in health care.

Practice Growth:

PBM Consultants can help set up your new practice, and in fact, new practices are our specialty.  You and your PBM consultant create the business model for your practice and you create a vision for the future.  PBM provides the steps you need to realize that vision and helps you along the way to make your vision become a reality.


Manage your Revenue Cycle:

Whether you use paper charts or the latest Electronic Medical Records, we can guide you on collection practices, maximizing your point-of-service collections, and using systems to verify your patients' insurance coverage. We help you realize the greatest return from your billings.


Work Flow:

You might have the best computers and the latest technology, but do you know how to be effective with these tools? Work flow optimization is critical whether you have the latest technology or not, and your PBM consultant can help you modify the way you do things so that you are efficient and meet the outcomes you desire.


Regulatory Compliance:

Challenged by anything from Meaningful Use to PQRS and ICD-10? We can take you through these processes and provide you with the insight needed to comply with these complicated regulations.


Other Areas of Practice Management Expertise:

- HIPAA Privacy and Security

- Practice Surveys

- Public Relations

- Optimizing Insurance Coverage

- Collection policies

- Appointment Systems

- Delegation of Duties

- Telephone Techniques

- Filing Systems

- Computerized Billing and Systems Selection

-Staffing Assistance



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