Why Us?


In the tumultuous health care environment of North America change is a daily event. Managing change well is the challenge. Today, practitioners benefit greatest by those who impart the knowledge of experience gained through the dedication of serving your specialty over time. You can benefit from a team of trusted individuals who can confidently coach you to enhanced professional and personal financial security.

We at Professional Business Management, Inc. have exclusively served healthcare since 1932. We have worked with a singular mission on behalf of our clients, helping doctors:

  • Obtain the greatest ease of practice
  • Attain the greatest net practice income
  • Retain the maximum possible personal earnings

… the OAR perspective. The OAR provides direction, leadership, security, and control. Buttressed by demonstrated stability and longevity, PBM has a proven record of giving sound and practical advice.

PBM has been on the leading edge of practice management since its inception, when there were no organizations dedicated to serving doctors in the operation of the practice. Our consultants have been involved with education to medical and dental school students, authored numerous articles in professional publications such as Medical Economics and Dental Management, and created accounting systems and customized operating reports designed to benchmark performance and enhance management decision making. We have aided practices with their formation, lead practitioners through the maze of managed care, conducted efficiency studies, coached practitioners on staffing and evaluations, and prepared doctors for retirement.

As a founding father company to the National Association of Professional Business Consultants, now the National Association of Healthcare Consultants, our consultants have lead the way throughout the country in sharing expertise with those interested in helping the healthcare professions.

PBM takes the personal approach. On a regular basis, we visit your practice. You get hands-on solutions to every day issues. Why do we make “house calls” in an era of e-mail, faxes and cell phones? Simply put; how can anyone advise you on your practice if they cannot see how you function, if they cannot speak to those you have entrusted to assist you in caring for your patients and clients, or if they don’t understand the full impact of the requirements necessary to optimally operate your practice? This is about hands-on knowledge and the sharing of information learned from your colleagues. It’s about comfort, trust, and a sense of well being. It’s about you.

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