More than just accountants, PBM consultants visit you regularly, develop a knowledge of your staff and operations, review with you the financial statements in comparison with your peers, and help you use the numbers to make meaningful decisions.

Our consultants assist your other advisers such as attorneys, insurance brokers, and investment analysts to keep the focus on your objectives and increase the benefit.  We help you intercede with hospitals, regulators, PHO's and IPA's, colleagues, partners, and other peers.

Your Goals are Our Goals 

You have worked hard to get where you are.  With healthcare practices experiencing attacks from insurers, malpractice carriers, government regulators and hospital administrators (to list just a few), sound management of your practice and personal finances is essential if you wish to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.  You need more than an accountant – you need trustworthy individuals who can confidently lead you in all areas of your practice.

  • Generate the greatest practice income, given your philosophy and conditions.


  • Retain the greatest amount of earnings to secure your future.


  • Obtain the greatest ease of practice.


Knowledge -- Not Just Numbers

Knowledge… about you, your practice, your specialty, the health care industry… is what separates us.  

  • Experience.  This knowledge starts with our vast experience.  Since 1932 PBM has evaluated literally thousands of offices, many like yours.  In doing so, we have encountered just about every issue imaginable.


  • Hands-on Approach.  We combine this experience with a unique approach – we make house calls!  By visiting your practice regularly, we know you and your staff thoroughly, and our advice is tailored to you.  This also means that we are in your office to stand by our recommendations and to see that they are properly implemented.


  • Expertise.  PBM consultants are highly trained.  Our credentials include:  Certified Public Accountant, Certified Professional Business Consultant, Masters in Taxation, Certified Financial Planner.


  • Integrity.  Most importantly, our advice can be trusted.  PBM does not sell products, so we have no hidden agendas.  Our average client has been with us for 15 years because our advice works and because it is objective and trustworthy.



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