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You Received the HHS Medicare Relief Funds, Now What?

As you are probably aware, the CARES act also provided for grants to Medicare providers. The amount is about 6.2% of the practice’s 2019 Medicare receipts. Chances are you have already received the money. 
You are now obligated to attest to your eligibility for this payment.   If you don’t complete the attestation, you will still be subject to the obligations imposed.  You must attest by logging into an HHS web site within 30 days of first receiving this money whether you keep the money or not. Non-compliance with the terms are grounds for recoupment, and possibly further action. A few of the notable terms you agree to if you keep the money:
  • You will use the funds only to prevent, prepare for, and respond to Coronavirus, and for health care related expenses or lost revenues related to Coronavirus. This is viewed broadly, and we await additional guidance on this.
  • You will not use the funds to reimburse for expenses or lost revenues that have been reimbursed from other sources. Think Payroll Protection Program.
  • You will submit reports as required by the Secretary of HHS.
  • If you received more than $150,000 in total funds under the CARES Act (this includes the PPP loan the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, or any other act making funds available for the Coronavirus response), you will submit special reporting no later than ten days after the end of each calendar quarter. July 10th appears to be the first reporting deadline.
  • You will maintain appropriate records and documentation to substantiate the reimbursement under this award.
  • For all COVID-19 care, you will only seek to collect from patients as if they were in network, whether they are or not. We await further guidance on this point.
There are restrictions against using these funds for other activities. Here are a few of them:
  • No payment for salaries greater than Executive Level II (197,300 in 2020). We await additional guidance on the application of this limit.
  • No payments for lobbying.
  • No use of the funds for providing abortions or for embryo research.
  • Restrictions on using the funds for confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.
What to do now:


We are working to locate additional resources to provide credible guidance for you.
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