HHS Provider Relief Fund Update


As a follow up from our prior communication on October 8th regarding the HHS Provider Relief Funds, Medical and Dental providers who applied for Phase 3 started to receive these funds today if they were eligible.

If you received these funds you need to read the Terms and Conditions. Make yourself comfortable that you can and will comply with this. PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE ATTESTING TO THE FUNDS YOU RECEIVE. You have 90 days after receipt of these funds to attest. You can do so by going to the Attestation Portal. If you don’t believe you can comply with the terms and conditions, you have 15 calendar days to reject these funds.

If you received a combined total greater than $10,000 from all phases of the HHS, you are subjected to reporting requirements. Here is a copy of the Final Reporting Data Elements which outlines the program and what you will need to report the use of the funds you received. Please note the key dates below:

January 15, 2021: Reporting system opens for providers


February 15, 2021: First reporting deadline for all providers on use of funds


July 31, 2021: Final reporting deadline for providers who did not fully expend the Provider Relief Funds prior to December 31, 2020.


For frequently asked questions, visit HERE.


We will advise when more information becomes available to us.

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