Illinois Minimum Wage Update


The minimum wage in Illinois is set to increase on January 1, 2021. Here is a summary of the new rates:



Old Minimum Rate (7/1/20)

New Minimum Rate (1/1/21)

Under 18 years old & works less than 650 hours/year



New employees (over 18 years old) first 90 days



Illinois over 18 years old



Cook County***



Chicago (4-20 workers)



Chicago (21+ workers)




If you are in Cook County, these rates remain the same. Cook County’s minimum wage rates are adjusted July 1st. If you are in Chicago, you are also required to provide employees a written minimum wage notice with the first paycheck after July 1, 2020 which can be found here. This must be posted in communal areas at the workplace as well.


***Some localities have opted out of the new Cook County minimum wage laws. Verify what the rate is for the city that you are conducting business in.***





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Minimum Wage Rates by Year





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